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Study well-being questionnaire AllWell? and the development of teaching at Aalto University

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With the help of the annual study well-being questionnaire AllWell?, we gain research-based knowledge for planning actions of pedagogical development. In the questionnaire, the impact of teaching on study well-being is measured for example by questions related to the alignment and interest of teaching and feedback. The summaries of the results of the questionnaire, regarding each programme/department, are delivered to the Programme heads and Deans.

What is it that we can do by teaching?

Based on programme visits in spring 2018 and 2019 and information received from the programme heads, current AllWell? related developmental actions that aim to improve student's study well-being may be divided under three bigger themes in Aalto University:

  1. Increasing cooperation, communication and peer learning between teachers
  2. Reducing course and curriculum level workload; planning done from a student learning path point of view
  3. Feedback and assessment

Developmental work that aims to improve students' study well-being is being constantly done in Aalto University together with teachers, programme heads and pedagogical specialists. Below are listed some examples of the actions done during the project:

Increasing cooperation, communication and peer learning between teachers

  • Learning Café launched for everyone interested in teaching and development of teaching to meet and discuss (BIZ)

  • Increasing cooperation between teachers from joint programmes (ELEC)

  • "Teaching Partner" pedagogical mentoring launched (Aalto Pedagogical training)

  • "ARTS Teachers' Lunch" created

Reducing course and curriculum level workload; planning done from a student learning path point of view

  • Planning the curriculum from the student’s perspective (student’s study path) (SCI)

  • Increasing flexibility by offering "bottle neck courses" more than once per year (ENG)

  • Flexible, tailored study paths for different kinds of learners in Language Centre

  • Curriculum design workshop organized for teachers (BIZ, 1st year bachelor's)

Feedback and assessment

Video material giving tips related to feedback

  • Offering workshops on alignment of assessment methods for teachers
  • Offering workshops on assessment methods for teachers; how to evaluate the learning process (ARTS)

Curriculum design, course planning and student well-being: three things to take into account

According to the AllWell study, the experienced well-being of our students is strongly related to the interest and alignment of teaching and assessment.

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Project communications, planning and pedagogical development

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