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CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) at Aalto University

CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education, brings together 33 leading business schools and more than 80 multinational companies and NGOs, who jointly offer the top-ranked, international and practice-oriented CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) programme.

At Aalto, you can study CEMS MIM both as an Add-on CEMS MIM programme and as integrated in the Global Management Master's programme, both including an exchange term at another CEMS school.
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CEMS was established in 1988 by four leading European business schools: ESADE, HEC Paris, Bocconi University and the University of Cologne. Aalto University School of Business (previously Helsinki School of Economics) is a proud member of the CEMS alliance since 1998. Aalto University on the CEMS pages.

Developed and delivered in intensive collaboration between academics and business leaders, the CEMS MIM programme builds a bridge between university education and working life. Combining cutting-edge theoretical knowledge, real life cases and discussions with corporate representatives the CEMS MIM programme enables students to develop their capabilities to craft insightful and sustainable solutions for businesses and other organisations.

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CEMS MIM studies

The CEMS MIM comprises of a carefully-designed curriculum that achieves one of the main goals of the alliance as a whole: to combine academic theory with business practice. The CEMS MIM study experience is characterized by intensive collaboration among the diverse members of the network: bright students, active alumni, accomplished academics, international companies and social partners, and more.

During the programme, students are exposed to interdisciplinary challenges in an international context and are encouraged to adopt an analytical and critical attitude in lectures, discussions and project work.

The workload of the programme is 66 ECTS in total, with a minimum requirement of 24 ECTS successfully completed in each term.

CEMS MIM programme structure.
CEMS MIM programme structure

CEMS MIM programme structure

The CEMS MIM programme consists of two academic terms (Term 1 & Term 2) and an international internship. The two academic terms are consecutive (starting in autumn), while the internship can take place at any time during the graduate period of studies, but not overlapping with Term 1 or Term 2.

The workload of the programme is 66 ECTS in total, with a minimum requirement of 24 ECTS successfully completed in each term.

Students spend one of the academic terms and the internship abroad.

Aalto CEMS MIM programme offer

Two ways to CEMS MIM at Aalto University

Two ways to CEMS MIM at Aalto University.
Two ways to CEMS MIM at Aalto University

Aalto University offers students two ways of enrolling in the CEMS MIM programme:

  1. The two-year MSc in Global Management programme automatically integrates the CEMS MIM curriculum.
  2. An add-on CEMS MIM opportunity available for students already enrolled or with an existing study right to any Aalto University Master’s programme. Students apply to the add-on CEMS usually during the last year of the BSc studies or the first year of their MSc studies.

Master's in Global Management / CEMS (120 ECTS)

The Master's Programme in Global Management with CEMS MIM grows agile, reflective and responsible decision-makers who embrace change. Students learn to identify and harness opportunities and solve challenges in a rapidly transforming global business environment.

The programme offers the students two highly prestigious qualifications:

  • MSc in Economics and Business administration granted by Aalto University School of Business; and
  • CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM) granted by CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education.

The Global Management MSc programme with CEMS MIM has a fixed, carefully designed curriculum including studies in e.g. political economy, business analytics, strategy, financial management and leadership, as well as the CEMS MIM studies including an exchange semester at another CEMS school.

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MSc in Global Management (including CEMS MIM).The application period for master’s programmes at Aalto University runs once a year. 

Previous application round: November 30, 2023 - January 2, 2024 (3:00 pm, GMT+2)

Applying to master’s programmes | Aalto University

CEMS MIM opportunity with other Aalto Master's Programmes (66 ECTS)

Students already enrolled in one of Aalto University’s study programmes can apply for the Add-on CEMS MIM (66 ECTS) to be completed in parallel with their regular Aalto MSc studies. To be eligible for this option, an applicant must be either a Master’s level student or in the last year of their Bachelor’s studies when applying. 

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Add-on CEMS MIM for Aalto student

Next application round: November 16 – December 16, 2024. This application period is for the academic year 2025-2026. The selections are made in February 2025. 

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Add-on CEMS MIM for Aalto students

CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM) includes CEMS courses, an extensive business project, an exchange semester at another CEMS university, an international internship, and seminars familiarising the students with skills required in working life.

Aalto students can apply to complete the CEMS MIM programme (66 ECTS) in parallel with their regular Aalto MSc studies during one academic year.

Study at Aalto
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Global Management, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)

The Master’s programme in Global Management prepares students to operate responsibly and successfully in influential decision-maker positions in a globalized environment. The programme develops students’ knowledge and skills in strategy, business development, leadership, and cross-cultural understanding. The programme incorporates CEMS Master’s in International Management.

Study options
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In CEMS, you get an opportunity to learn how to build both economically and environmentally sustainable businesses in a multicultural world.

Linda Tenho, CEMS Aalto Alumna and Associate Business Analyst at Salesforce
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CEMS Graduation ceremony

CEMS Graduate placement

CEMS 2022 graduate profile

  • 96 % are employed or continuing their studies
  • 92 % have worked outside of their home country
  • 75 % work for multinational companies

Main functional areas of CEMS alumni

  • Consulting: 20 %
  • General management: 14 %
  • Finance: 13 %
  • Sales: 11 %
  • Marketing: 11 %

Note: Statistics are based on CEMS Recent Graduate Survey conducted in September 2022 and Alumni Survey conducted in 2021. See more on

CEMS Corporate and Social Partners in 2020
CEMS Corporate and Social Partners in 2020

CEMS Corporate and Social Partners

CEMS was built on the vision of creating a bridge between the academic and corporate worlds. Since 2010, CEMS has also integrated non-profit organisations as social partners to positively influence all members of the CEMS alliance. CEMS corporate and social partners are active contributors to the CEMS network inside and outside of the MIM curriculum.

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CEMS Vision & Mission Statement

CEMS Vision

CEMS is recognised as a unique global community, comprising the world’s finest students, schools, alumni, corporate and social partners, delivering the leading international Master’s in Management (MiM) that prepares responsible leaders contributing to a more open, sustainable and inclusive world.

CEMS Mission statement

CEMS is dedicated to educating and preparing future generations of international business leaders. The CEMS academic and corporate members work collectively to develop knowledge and provide education that is essential in the multilingual, multicultural and interconnected business world.

Common to all activities is the aim of promoting global citizenship, with particular emphasis placed upon the following values:

  • The pursuit of excellence with high standards of performance and ethical conduct,
  • Understanding and drawing upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy,
  • Professional responsibility and accountability in relation to society as a whole.


 Perttu Kähäri

Perttu Kähäri

MSc in Global Management Programme Director
 Liisa Kotilainen & Arja Sahlberg

Liisa Kotilainen & Arja Sahlberg

CEMS Programme and Corporate Relations Managers

Elina Nykänen

MSc in Global Management Planning Officer (LES)

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