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Career services for doctoral students

It is good to start preparing for life after the doctorate and to consider career options already during your studies.
Planning a career

Doctoral Careers

Career design resources for doctoral students

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Aalto Career Course for Doctoral Students

Aalto Career Course for Doctoral Students  (1 ECTS) helps you clarify your aspirations and chart your course for the postdoctoral life.

  • Online course available through the Finnish Doctoral Training Network ( -> TOHTOS)
  • Self-paced with activities, readings, videos and workshops
  • With your thesis advisor’s approval, this course can be included in your “General research studies”
  • Get the access code from


National career and employment survey for doctoral alumni (Aarresaari)

Statistics on doctoral education and doctoral graduates

The Education Statistics Finland, Vipunen, provides a range of statistics and indicators on doctoral education in Finnish universities, and at Aalto University. You can use this service to access data on employment and career follow-up of doctoral graduates. The survey data (below) is currently available only in Finnish.

See also JYX - Tutkinto takana : yliopistojen kandipalautekyselyn sekä maisterien ja tohtorien uraseurantakyselyjen 2018, 2019 ja 2020 tulokset ( (in Finnish)

National employment survey data
Career follow-up of doctoral students (2017-2019)

*Vipunen is the education administration's reporting portal. The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish National Agency for Education are jointly responsible for its content.

Tohtorinhatut promootiopäivänä

Doctoral graduates of Aalto University in working life

Aalto University Career Services conducts career tracking surveys to follow up careers of doctoral graduates.

A group of four Aalto students sitting outside Väre discussing about group work

Aalto University graduates are very satisfied with their degrees

Next career monitoring survey starts on the 4th of October. All 2016 master's graduates and 2018 doctoral graduates will be invited to participate in the survey.


Contact your fellow alumni and update your contact data

Find alumni all over the world, contact someone who can help you discuss your next career step, reconnect with an old study mate. Alumni Circle allows you to search for all of these things. Join the alumni network or update your contact information.

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