Workflows and forms

Looking for a tool or help in digitalizing a form or workflow? Here is a summary of available options to suit different kinds of needs.

Self-service tools for creating forms and simple workflows

If your need is simple, you can create a form yourself using either Webropol or Microsoft O365 tools Forms and Flow. They are available for free for Aalto staff and students to use. When doing the form yourself you don't need to wait for anything, this is the fastest way to create new forms and also to manage update needs. 

Webropol is mainly targeted for making surveys, but it has good functionality for forms of other kinds as well. Also multilingual forms can be easily created. Webropol is supported by ITS Service desk.

O365 Forms and Flow are also easy to use and especially good for quickly creating simple forms with colourful visual appearance. O365 Forms and Flow are self-service tools and no support service is currently available. Forms has more limited functions than Webropol and e.g. multilinguality and attachments are not available.

ITS Digi Process Factory

When the self-service tools are not enough, ITS Digi Process Factory team comes to help. We can develop also complex workflows with several roles and process steps and integrations to other systems (e.g. for automatically retrieving data). 

Digi Process Factory

Aalto IT's Digi Process Factory automates different Aalto forms and / or workflows, and simultaneously helps with streamlining the process to best serve Aalto University's academic faculty, staff and students' needs.

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