Time to level up - A lot of the work today happens in teams. We have gathered some proven practices and tools to help you to make the most out of your teams!

A significant amount of the work we do happens in teams. Whether it is an organisational team, a project team or a just a group of people organised around a topic or a task, there are certain common characteristics to that work. There are common goals (hopefully), tasks to be done, communication within and outside of the team, among other things.

Teamwork can be challenging however, as people have different abilities, ambitions, backgrounds and opinions. There is no one-size-fits-all solution available, but there is a simple answer to improvement. Discussing and developing the common ways of working and tools takes you a looong way.

Here we have gathered some proven practices and tools to help you to take your team to the next level. 

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Here are some stories from people of Aalto:

Check out these stories from Aalto - see how others have taken Teams into use! If you're planning to take Teams into use yourself, the stories from HR Services and Aalto joint services might interest you. Do see also how the ITP program managed their challenge-based learning groups in Teams!

Challenge-based learning goes virtual with Microsoft Teams

Information Technology Program first at Aalto University to test the digital tool in learning.


Ok, this is all great, but what can I do to make teamwork smoother?

I'm a...

Team leader, project manager

  • Check out Aalto's Team charter materials and go through them (or the parts which need the most attention) with your team. A team charter can provide a lot of help towards ensuring the smooth operation of the team.
  • Make sure you are using a set of tools that makes your team's life easier, not more complicated. Remember also to agree together how you will use the tool!
    • E.g. Microsoft Teams gives you a common, transparent communication channel, shared file storage and a meeting tool + much more things.
    • Use a tool like Planner or JIRA to track your team's tasks. That way you can stay on top of the progress your team is making as well as make weekly check-ins a lot more efficient.
  • If you would like help in taking Teams into use in your organisation, team or project, you can contact IT

Meeting organizer or participant

  • Be on time - when people wait for you, they're also wasting their own time. (Think how often that happens, and then multiply it by the number of people waiting and the average time people are late to e.g. meeting or other appointments.)
  • If a meeting doesn't have an agenda and goals defined, request them from the organiser.
  • If you're holding a meeting, have an agenda and goals for your meeting.

Helpful, templatized tools to improve teamwork

Teamwork First-Aid Kit

Teamwork First-Aid Kit gathers tools that have proved to be useful in supporting diverse teams tackling ill-defined problems and building foundational elements for the successful teamwork. It is a small step toward educating game-changers who can make a team more than a sum of its parts. Undeniably, teamwork skills are among the most pivotal work-life skills that younger generation entering the workforce are expected to master.


With these tools you can build a digital workspace for your team:

If you're wondering which suits you the best, here's a TL;DR version:

  • Microsoft Teams works well for active collaboration and communication, as well as working with documents
  • Aalto Wiki works well for one-way communication
  • Eduuni works well for projects dealing with sensitive data
What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a convenient collaboration tool for all people of Aalto.


Aalto Wiki - Collaboration Tool

Aalto Wiki is a collaboration tool for staff members at Aalto University. Aalto Wiki uses the Confluence collaboration software provided by Atlassian.


Eduuni - Teamwork environment

The Eduuni workspace includes Microsoft SharePoint workspaces for use by organisations, networks, projects and teams. Eduuni is used mostly for EU-wide, international research projects, because it enables cooperation also with parties outside of Aalto University. If the information stored is not confidential, it is advisable to use Microsoft Teams for teamwork.


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