Wordpress-website for projects

Research projects, groups and conferences need a website to communicate about the project. Aalto University enables the establishment of a website by offering the design of the site’s appearance, technical implementation and data-secure maintenance of the sites through our partners. Any section of these is also available independently.

The content is created by using Wordpress if the project does not belong under the Aalto University brand.

How can I obtain a website for my project?

  1. A website needs a layout and/or technical implementation

    A site needs a layout and/or technical implementation. Wordpress has ready-made themes, but we recommend ordering the layout and technical implementation of page templates from Unigrafia, to ensure that the layout is high quality. Please contact: [email protected] Note! If you order the implementation of the site from Unigrafia, they can also perform sections 2 & 4.

  2. A website needs a server

    A site needs a server. The site is maintained on servers owned by our partner Seravo Oy, who keeps the Wordpress version updated and the site data-secure. Most common: WP Pro (30€/month for people at Aalto)
    When selecting the location of the site, please select one of the EU counties to advance the data privacy.

    Order Wordpress-service

  3. A website needs content

    Such content can be created, free of charge, by using Wordpress.

  4. A website needs a domain

    The domain for the site is obtained from Seravo when an order for the server is placed. If you want the site to be in the format, please contact [email protected]



  • The website makes it easy to communicate the project to others
  • The content is created with Wordpress, which is easy to use and the most popular content management system in the world
  • Great benefits with cooperation partners, enabling the project to have an internet site that is affordable and of high quality

Wordpress is the world’s most popular CMS content management system that is free and based on open source code. With Wordpress, anyone can create their own website. Compared with larger network content management systems, its benefit include simplicity and agility, and exceptionally easy customization. Wordpress can also be used to create and maintain online diaries, or blogs.

The people at Aalto are able to order a high-quality appearance from Unigrafia. In addition to appearance, Unigrafia can implement the content for the site, and the company also offers Wordpress training to order.

Examples from their price list for sites created by the company:

Exaple site



n. 5000€

A website for most needs

n. 9000€

A larger project with numerous additional features

The website is maintained on the servers of our partner Seravo Oy. Seravo Oy maintains the Wordpress version updated to the latest version, which improves information security. Seravo handles all orders very quickly, and usually a site is available for use on the same day when the order is placed. You can also order a name and an email ID for a website.

The people at Aalto receive a 25% discount on prices for WP Pro, WP Business, and WP Corporate.

If you want the website to be in the format, Aalto IT can make a change to the domain name. In such a case, please contact the IT Service Desk.

When the need for site updates ends, the site can be made static and transferred to the free Aalto vhosts server.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

If you like to move your site in Seravo service to Aalto Vhosts service, it costs á 89€/h + ALV and takes about 2-3 hours. Besides you need some help from IT Services.

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