Virtual servers

Aalto University provides virtual servers as a service from its own data centre. A virtual server is reserved, in its entirety, for an individual use; in practice, it operates like a normal physical server. The power and capacity of a virtual server is selected according to the need, and capacity can be modified if the need changes. Virtual servers are under centralized management by IT Services, and daily backups are included in the service.


  • A virtual server can be taken in use quickly, without any own investments
  • Power and capacity can be modified as necessary
  • The service is produced in a secure, fault-tolerant data centre
  • Administrator-level access rights are available for the service
  • Virtual servers have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional physical servers

Available operating systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Windows Server 2016

Additional information

The service is free, and it is intended for Aalto University’s research and teaching staff and service units. The service is designed as a flexible alternative to the acquisition of own physical servers.

A server refers to server software run in a computer in the context of data communications and a computer that runs such software. The purpose of server software is to offer different services to other programs, either via the computer network or locally, in the same computer.

Virtual servers correspond to ordinary servers with the distinction that with virtual servers, the user does not own the device entirely; instead, several servers are virtually run in the same computer.

    Virtual servers are located in the VMware ESXi Server cluster that is situated in a secure and fault-tolerant data centre. This solution offers a scalable and powerful environment for virtual servers. The data communication links of the server environment have been made fault-tolerant, and their speed (10 Gbit/s) meets the needs of today. Every virtual server has its own public IP address to which separate firewall openings can be made, if necessary. High-performance storage space for virtual servers is offered from the centralized SAN disk system (HUS VM), see SAN (Storage Area Network) -disk service.


    Using the servers requires a user ID intended for maintenance at Aalto University. For use of the server, two user groups are established, administrators and other users.


    If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

    Backup copies of virtual servers are made automatically from virtual environments maintained by ITS. Backup copies of virtual servers are also taken against any unexpected error or damage. All virtual servers are backed-up from the virtual environments regularly, once a day, and the copies are stored for one month. Individual files, directories or, alternatively, the entire virtual computer can be restored from these backup copies.

    For long-term storage, a backup copy is taken once a month and stored for three months. A copy of this cycle is taken twice a year and stored for four years.

    A customer can request restoration of a backup copy from the IT Servicedesk.

    This service is provided by:

    IT Services

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