Two Professor positions in Networking Technology (Tenure Track)

Thank you for your interest towards Aalto University and the Department of Communications and Networking!

From the PDF-brochure below you can find more information about the two positions of the Tenure Track Professorship in Networking Technology. You can find the job advertisement link lower of this page. Please note that the deadline for applications is on 31st October 2022.

If you wish to know more about working at Aalto University, the tenure track system and living in Finland, please see the links below.
Henkilö seisoo kädet puuskassa seinän edessä, jolle on heijastettu virtapiirejä esittävä kuva ja katselee tyynen näköisenä poispäin kamerasta.

Department of Communications and Networking

The Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet), is the largest unit in Finland in its research area.

Aalto University, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

School of Electrical Engineering

At the School of Electrical Engineering, we are experts in systems science developing integrated solutions from care of the elderly to space robotics.

laboratory facilities in microwave engineering major

Working at Aalto

At Aalto University, a powerful combination of science, art, tech, and business brings talent together.

Group of student working together

Tenure track

Aalto University’s tenure track career system offers a well-supported and clear career path for professor-level academics towards a permanent professorship.

At work

Living in Finland

Finland is a great place to live in.


Welcome to Aalto University and Finland Info Package

Welcome presentation on Aalto University and Finland for recruitment candidates of Aalto University

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Virtual Campus Experience

Explore Aalto University’s campus from anywhere in the world!

Get to know our quality campus
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