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Turnitin is a system that helps write original text by identifying similarities in texts stored in an extensive database. Used proactively, the instructor can teach good writing practices in scientific, technical and other academic text.
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Turnitin promotes integrity in academic writing and prevents plagiarism. Documents submitted to Turnitin are compared with texts stored in an extensive database or repository comprising books, journals, magazines and other works from all major publishing houses, documents openly available on the internet, and academic reports and theses from most well-known universities. In its similarity report, visible to both the teacher as well as the student, Turnitin gives an overall percentage of similar text, highlights similar text in the submission and links it to the source for easy inspection.

Students get immediate feedback on

  • whether they have written about a subject they have researched in their own words and,
  • based on the similarities, whether they have referenced their sources properly.

Teachers and thesis supervisors and advisors can

  • use Turnitin to inspect detected similarities,
  • comment on submitted text and
  • so also guide students to learn how to cite work they refer to.

This is an excellent way to promote good writing ethics and uphold academic integrity, thus preventing plagiarism before it even arises.

Turnitin is used as an activity in MyCourses. Teachers supervising and/or advising thesis work can request a dedicated MyCourses workspace containing submission boxes for drafts and the final version here.

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