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Time to level up - VDI enables you to access your Aalto desktop, software and all, using your preferred device and provides professional software and power regardless where you are.
Student at laptop. Photo by Aalto University / Aino Huovio

What is VDI?

The letters VDI stand for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and while that may sound intimidating, really it’s as easy as ABC. To put it simply:

VDI enables you to access your Aalto desktop, software and all, using your preferred device.

What are the benefits?

Use Aalto-licensed software on your personal device

Why pay out of pocket for expensive software licenses? Please enjoy our wide assortment of software, available to you for free on VDI.

Use OS-specific software with any OS

Sometimes software is exclusively available for an operating system. With VDI, you can access this software regardless of what OS your device is running.

Conduct hardware-intensive processes, regardless of your device’s power

Whether it’s CAD modelling, or compiling a game in Unity, some processes require more from your hardware. With VDI you can tap into power beyond your device’s capacity.

How to get started

  1. Go to
  2. Select Install VMware Horizon Client on the page
  3. Add server
  4. Log in using your Aalto username and password


vdi (external link)

Log in using your Aalto username and password.

vdi - How to use Aalto Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The guide how you can access an Aalto virtual workstation from your own device from anywhere with VMware Horizon.


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