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Time to level up - Discover, book and navigate to rooms and spaces with Aalto Space for iOS and Android.
Aalto Space applikaatio Kuva: Hannes Huotari

Work is better in the right environment

As we know, life as a student involves a lot of teamwork. Having the right environment is key in ensuring that work is all the more effective and enjoyable. Thankfully the Aalto campus is home to numerous premises for you to make use of.

Aalto Space makes booking rooms and navigating the campus a breeze.

What are the benefits?

Find rooms that are most suited for your purposes

Need a whiteboard? Screen? How about a space accommodating 12 people? With Space you can find and book rooms according to your needs.

Navigate the campus

Lost looking for a classroom? The Aalto campus hosts hundreds of rooms spanned across different buildings. With the detailed map provided in Aalto Space you can navigate the campus area with ease, indoors and outside.

How to get started?

Simply download the Aalto Space application.

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Google Play

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Aalto Space applikaatio Kuva: Hannes Huotari

Aalto Space mobile application

Aalto Space allows you to book conference and group work facilities and helps you navigate the campus.


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