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Time to level up - Book conference rooms, equipment, working and teaching spaces and navigate the campus quickly and easily.
Aalto University School of Science students in a meeting room 2019. / Photographer Unto Rautio

Explore and book spaces, equipment and teaching/research infrastructure

Whether it is for teaching, conferences, workshops and more, you can explore and book spaces and equipment with just a few clicks. The recently updated user interfaces allows for improved functionality of the services. Don't forget about the Aalto Space application and either!

So, what are you waiting for? Get a room!

Click on the below links to navigate to the respective services. The Aalto Space link gives you more info on the app, the app itself can be found from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Aalto Research & Teaching Infrastructure booking system

Here you can book spaces and objects for teaching, research and support activities.

Aalto Space applikaatio Kuva: Hannes Huotari

Aalto Space mobile application

Aalto Space allows you to book conference and group work facilities and helps you navigate the campus.


Aalto TakeOut

Create a project, find interesting resources, then reserve them by selecting dates from their calendars.

What are the benefits?


Discover the rooms and spaces that are most suited for your purposes lets you filter rooms based on room type, equipment, location, and capacity, ensuring discovery of the ideal milieu for you. If it research/teaching infra you're after, try


Navigate the campus

The Aalto campus is home to hundreds of rooms spanned across different buildings. The detailed map provided on will guide the way to the space you just booked, or if you like it mobile, you can also use the Aalto Space mobile app. The Aalto Space can also be used in your browser:


Book equipment for your project or course

Many Aalto University departments and units make equipment available for Aalto University people, ranging from audiovisual production gear to scientific measuring devices. Aalto Takeout helps you find these service providers and reserve their equipment for your projects.

How to get started?

A quick guide is available in both English and Finnish to walk you through the use of See also how to book your space directly from Outlook or how to book infra or equipment at Aalto!

Booking of spaces and objects

Booking system is used for reserving spaces and objects for teaching, research and support activities. The system can be accessed through

IT-ohjeet / IT insrtuctions Quick guide

The new user interface for provides a fresh and updated experience for searching available spaces on Aalto campus. In this version several new features are added to make the booking experience better. Please see the change log at the end of this User Guide for details of new features in each release.
In the below screenshot, you can see the landing page, which provides the starting point for all space bookings.

IT-ohjeet / IT insrtuctions

Booking meeting rooms at Aalto (Outlook and Webmail)

Meeting rooms at Aalto University can be booked via Outlook and Webmail ( To ensure that bookings function as efficiently as possible, bookings should always be made via Outlook or Webmail, if the room is visible and can be booked through them.

Researcher with equipment

Infrabooking - Booking system for research, teaching and learning infrastructures

Infrabooking, a booking system for research, teaching and learning infrastructures, has been aimed for all internal and external user groups. Infrabooking can be accessed from everywhere.


Aalto TakeOut

Create a project, find interesting resources, then reserve them by selecting dates from their calendars.

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Time to level up is a campaign and a community promoting the ways you can employ new (and not so new) technologies and techniques to make your work and study a breeze.

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