ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx is an Internet of Things Platform (IoT) to where you can save and process sensor data. The platform processes data in real time and triggers user-defined tasks based on the results. The platform and IoT devices can communicate bi-directionally.

The user interface of the service is located at

Detailed information about ThingWorx platform including its documentation are available on the website of PTC at


  • Storage and processing space for sensors data
  • Communication on the IP protocol. Firewalling is defined case by case
  • Bi-directional communication between sensors and the platform
  • The server and sensor data are located in Aalto’s datacenter
  • User and access control management


The service can be ordered by contacting to [email protected]. ITS provides light scale support via a consultation partner.


IoT devices must communicate directly on the IP protocol or via a dedicated IoT gateway. ThingWorx license allows not more than 7500 IoT devices in Aalto’s’ Thingworx environment.

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