Team development

Supervisors are responsible for their team's operations, and ensuring that the unit’s short-term and long-term objectives and the required resources and know-how are in balance. In practice, this means annual planning of activities and budgeting, as well as considering the plans when organising the team's operations. The whole team's responsibility is to agree upon common practices, such as team meetings, communication channels and cooperation with others.
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Team development trainings in Workday Learning

You will find team development trainings in Workday Learning -application

Developing the team’s activities and cooperation


1.   As a supervisor, consider your team's state, objectives and needs, for example, with the help of the following questions:

  • Does the everyday work at your team go well?
  • Do all team members know their duties, roles and responsibilities?
  • Does interaction within the team run smoothly?
  • Are there any challenges associated with the well-being, atmosphere, coping?

2.   Contact your own HR coordinator

3.   Further information/contact information [email protected]

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