Teaching Practice (5 cr)

Teaching Practice (5 cr) in English and Finnish
Networking Workshop
Teaching Practice

Who can apply?

Persons accepted to the Aalto Tenure or Lecture Track are prioritized. Post doctoral researchers and postgraduate students with teaching responsibilities are welcomed to apply. Applicants with teaching duties are prioritized, so please fill in the enrollment form carefully.

Otherwise, the first 20 people who register for this course, will be accepted to participate

To be eligible, you must have completed:

  • A! Peda Intro (5 cr) or another similar course,
  • Teaching and learning at Aalto University (Teaching at Aalto University I) or similar and
  • Course design (Teaching at Aalto University II or course clinic) or similar

before the beginning of the training.

Learning outcomes

After the course, you will be able to:

  • plan, implement, develop and evaluate decisions in teaching that are aligned with learning outcomes
  • make observations about teaching sessions and give constructive feedback on the teaching
  • use observations and received feedback as a basis for teaching development
  • identify and analyse your own pedagogical choices and decisions

Course content:

  • Curriculum work as a part of planning of teaching and guided teaching practice
  • Constructive alignment in practice
  • Assessment of teaching and learning as a part of educational development

Further information: teacher in charge or [email protected]

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