Teaching periods

Teaching is divided into periods. In Periods I through IV, the last week is always an evaluation week, in which a variety methods are employed to assess learning.

Notice that these guidelines concern the curriculum design for 2020-2022, and guidelines for the curricula 2022–2024 are published at Programme director's handbook.

There are, in addition, two separate evaluation periods in autumn term, mainly for organising examinations. Courses included in the degree requirements and taught and assessed only once a year should generally not be held during the summer teaching period. The organisation of teaching in Mikkeli for the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business comprises 15 course modules lasting three weeks each.

Academic timetable planning

Curriculum Design at Aalto University – Strategy and Policies

Curriculum design follows the Aalto University strategy as well as the strategic action plans of the Aalto schools. Here you can find more information about the strategy, policies and practical guidelines.

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Aalto-yliopisto, kuva Unto Rautio

Guidelines for curricula 2022–2024 are published at Programme director's handbook

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