Skype for Business: Quick guide

The English version of the Skype for Business application is automatically available on all Aalto Windows and Mac computers.

Microsoft Teams will replace Skype for Business.

Microsoft Teams: Quick guide

Microsoft Teams is an Aalto Office 365 application, and it enables efficient teamwork. Teams is available to all employees and students at Aalto University. It suits well for e.g. projects, student groups, and service teams.

Skype for Business menu view



  1. Log in to your Aalto University computer (Windows or Mac) with your Aalto username and password.
  2. You can find the Skype for Business application either in the start menu, under the item Programs (Windows) or with a search in the start menu.

Changing status information

Status information is displayed to everyone at Aalto who uses the application and users outside Aalto whom the user has included in the list of contacts. By default, status information comes from your calendar and you can change it yourself.

  1. Select the pull-down menu below your name (small black arrow).
  2. Click on the status you desire (such as Available, Busy, Do not disturb...).

Writing a message in the discussion window

  1. In item Find someone, write the name of the person to whom you want to send a message, and then press either Enter on the keyboard or the ‘magnifying glass’ icon in the window.
  2. The search brings the name of the person you are looking for in the search results. Click on the person’s name, and a discussion window will open up in front of you.
  3. Write your message in the message box, and press Enter when you want to send the message.

Adding a Skype contact to the Skype for Business application

It is possible to add to individuals who only use Skype to the Skype for Business application.

  1. Add a Skype contact at the small human icon on the right menu bar. When you point at the icon with your mouse, the text  Add a contact, create a group, customize the contacts listwill appear on the screen.
  2. Click Add a Contact Not in My Organization.
  3. Then select Skype.
  4. Find the person's information, and accept him or her as a contact.
  5. The contact person has now been added to the list.

Writing a meeting invitation


One of the most convenient ways to write a Skype for Business meeting invitation is to use Outlook’s calendar function.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. In Outlook, select Calendar.
  3. From the top bar of the calendar, select New Skype Meeting.
  4. Send the meeting invitation in the usual manner. Note that the link Join Skype Meeting is displayed in the message field. Recipients of the meeting invitation can attend the meeting by using the link in the message field. If a recipient of the meeting invitation does not have Skype for Business installed, this link will work through the browser window.


You can also send a meeting invitation directly from the Skype for Business application, in accordance with the figure below.




1. From the Options (nut symbol), select Meet Now.

2. Select Invite More People.

Skype for Business 5en



3. Skype for Business sends the invitation to the people you chose.

Signing out

1. Select the wheel icon from the top right corner, through File.

2. Select File from the pull-down menu and then Sign out.


1. From the wheel icon, select File and then Exit.

When one party uses the free version of Skype

If one party uses the free version of Skype, it must be updated to the latest version. Older versions cannot be used for contacts with Aalto’s Skype for Business application.

  • The only way to use Skype’s free version to find the Skype for Business details of a person at Aalto University is to know the person’s ‘’ email address. Searching by a name in the program does not provide a contact address. A contact request sent from the free version of Skype is not displayed in the Business version - the notice will become visible only once an attempt is made to contact the negotiating party after a contact request.
  • The free version of Skype is unable to read the status information in Skype for Business, if these have not been opened up to outside parties. The status information for users of Skype for Business are displayed in the Skype version intended for consumers in the format ‘Not logged in to Skype for Business’, even if this is not the case.

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