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Bachelor's thesis

Instructions for Bachelor's thesis and seminar for students can be found in Into (in Finnish and Swedish).



Evaluation guidelines for Bachelor's thesis (in Finnish)

Maturity essay in Bachelor's degree

For bachelor’s degrees, the student must write a maturity test which indicates their command of the thesis topic and of Finnish or Swedish. The maturity test is therefore an essay for which the regulations do not specify a required form.

At the School of Chemical Engineering, command of the thesis topic is demonstrated by writing a maturity test as part of the bachelor’s thesis. In their work with the student, the thesis advisor evaluates their command of the topic and provides feedback on this during the writing process. Command of Finnish and Swedish is evaluated in the Language Centre.

Examination of the maturity test’s language is carried out as part of the small group teaching of the bachelor’s thesis seminar. One week before the final text workshop meeting, the student submits to the Language Centre a paper version of their text which contains at least the thesis title, contents page, (preliminary) introduction and one complete chapter or subchapter. The actual text must be at least 3 pages long, and the part to be examined must be linguistically as complete and finalised as possible. A Lecturer in Finnish language comments on the texts and makes for them a summary which is used when going through the texts in the workshop. The student also receives back the text with comments from the teacher. If the text is acceptable as it is, the student is considered to have completed the language component of the maturity test. If there is reason to modify the text based on the teacher’s comments, the student returns the modified text by email to the Lecturer in Finnish language (no later than at the point of submitting the final version of the bachelor’s thesis). Once the teacher has checked the modified version and found it to be acceptable, the student is considered to have completed the language component of the maturity test. The teacher may also send the student comments on the second version.

Completion of the maturity test is recorded in Oodi as a separate study attainment based on the study attainment notification from the Language Centre. The Language Centre Lecturer is recorded as the teacher approving the credits.

Master's thesis

Master's thesis guidelines and instructions for students can be found in Into:

Updated master's thesis guidelines were accepted in the Degree Programme Committee meeting on 5.6.2018.

Master's thesis evaluation

New guidelines for Master’s thesis evaluation have been accepted in the Academic Committee for Chemical Engineering on 12.6.2018. The new evaluation guidelines will be applied to those theses, whose topic is approved in aDegree Programme Committee Meeting that takes place after 1.8.2018. Those theses, whose topic has been approved before 1.8.2018, are evaluated in accordance with the evaluation guidelines in force at the time of application.

Evaluation guidelines (for theses, whose topic has been approved after 1.8.2018)

Evaluation guidelines (for theses, whose topic has been approved before 1.8.2018)

Maturity essay in Master's degree

The master’s thesis author must write a maturity essay to demonstrate conversance with the field of the thesis (and possibly proficiency in the language s/he has been educated in (Finnish or Swedish)).

The maturity essay may be

  • an essay written on a topic given by the thesis supervisor and written under supervision.
  • a press release. (only when the language proficiency is not needed)

The maturity essay must be written before the approval of the master’s thesis.

The contents of the maturity essay are reviewed by the thesis supervisor, while its language (if Finnish or Swedish) is evaluated by the Language Centre, provided that the student has not demonstrated the requisite language proficiency in a maturity essay written for the bachelor’s degree. The language of the maturity essay may be failed if it does not meet the degree requirements.

Students are to reserve about 14 days for the language check from the date of receipt of the text by the Language Centre. The maturity essay is graded on a pass/fail basis, and its grade does not affect the grade of the master’s thesis. The credits for an approved maturity essay are given by the master’s thesis supervisor. A failed maturity essay may be retaken.

Students, who have been educated in Finnish or Swedish and have not demonstrated their language proficiency previously in a maturity essay for a bachelor's degree, shall write the maturity essay in the language in which they have been educated at the primary and secondary levels (Finnish or Swedish).  If the student is not required to demonstrate language proficiency in Finnish or Swedish, the maturity essay may be written in the language that was approved for the master’s thesis. The requirement of a maturity essay also applies to international students, who usually write their maturity essays in English. Maturity essays written in other languages than Finnish or Swedish are only subjected to a review of the contents, not of the language.

Completion of the maturity test is recorded in Oodi as a separate study attainment. The master’s thesis supervisor is recorded as the teacher approving the maturity essay.

Licentiate thesis

Instructions for licentiate thesis can be found in Into:

Doctoral dissertation

Instructions for doctoral dissertation can be found in Into:

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