Remote work accident insurance

Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by corona virus, Aalto University has purchased an additional remote work insurance to cover occupational accidents during remote work. It covers all Aalto employees and is valid until 30.6.2021. The insurance is valid when working at the remote workplace. It is valid also during lunch and coffee breaks and when moving indoors or outdoors in the direct vicinity of the remote workplace in connection with going on a break or returning from a break.

Please note that the insurance is not valid during breaks taken in order to e.g. go to the grocery or exercise outdoors or during free-time.

The insurance covers treatment provided by public and private hospitals and nursing institutions. Pay the expenses for visits to doctor and basic examinations, and claim compensation from IF afterwards. In case of an accident, please contact Sari Mykkänen, [email protected], tel +358 50 590 5811 for further information.
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