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The Quality of Education Committee (QEC; OpLaa in Finnish) is a committee in the School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC) that strives to develop teaching and learning in collaboration with the school’s management, departments, learning services and student guilds. In addition to Aalto University’s and ELEC’s own goals in teaching and educational development, the QEC pays attention to themes related to teaching and learning brought up students and staff members.


The QEC organises Opekahvit-events (Teachers' coffee events) that deal with current issues in teaching development, which are open to all members of the staff.

Every year the QEC rewards members of its teaching staff for exemplary teaching work in three categories: bachelor level courses, master level courses, and reward recommended by members of the Aalto ELEC community.

One of the QEC’s functions is to assess the teaching competence of candidates in career tracks during recruitment and promotion based on the evaluation of their teaching portfolio, teaching demonstration and interview.


Quality of Education Committee (QEC) members 1.1.2019-31.12.2020:

  •     Prof., vice dean Keijo Nikoskinen, chair
  •     Prof. Anouar Belahcen, vice chair
  •     Prof. Mikko Kurimo
  •     Prof. Markku Sopanen
  •     Prof. Heikki Hämmäinen
  •     Senior university lecturer Kai Zenger
  •     University lecturer Jari Holopainen
  •     University lecturer Pasi Sarolahti
  •     University lecturer Markus Turunen
  •     Educational developer Luis Costa
  •     Educational developer Marja Elonheimo (on leave; substitute Samu Tikkanen)
  •     Educational developer Kirsti Keltikangas
  •     Planning officer Riikka Leikola
  •     Student Emil Sievinen (vice member Santeri Ruuskanen
  •     Student Tuomas Pajunpää (vice member Johannes Ora)
  •     Student Emil Huttunen (vice member Akseli Konttas)
  •     Student Heidi Mäkitalo (vice member Ville Eronen)

Student members chosen for the year 2020 by AYY (Aalto Student Union)

More information on the QEC’s activities from the QEC chair Vice-Dean (Education) Keijo Nikoskinen or educational developer Kirsti Keltikangas ([email protected]). 

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