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Publons is the new environment where you can benefit from the improved Web of Science ResearcherID. Publons is a free service by Clarivate Analytics that makes it easy for researchers to track their publications, citation metrics, peer reviews, and journal editing work in one place.
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  1. All your publications, instantly imported from Web of Science, ORCID, or your bibliographic reference manager (e.g. EndNote or Mendeley)
  2. Citation metrics, automatically imported from the Web of Science
  3. Your verified peer review and journal editing history, powered by partnerships with thousands of scholarly journals
  4. Downloadable record summarizing your scholarly impact as an author, editor and peer reviewer

Get started and create your own Publons ResearcherID

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Publons ResearcherID service for Aalto Professors

Management Information Services also has a Publons ResearcherID -service for Aalto University professors. If you would like to have your own ResearcherID created and updated on your behalf, we kindly ask you to contact: [email protected]

This service is provided by:

Leadership Support Services

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