Procurement of IT devices

The purpose of IT equipment acquisitions is to simplify, unify and enhance the acquisition of commonly used IT devices for use by various operators at Aalto University.

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The IT equipment acquisition service is responsible for the following duties:

  • centralized orders and purchases (
  • leasing arrangements in the financing of workstations and laptop computers
  • selection of standardized devices
  • management of contracts and suppliers during the term of each agreement

Aalto University’s general instructions on acquisitions and approval practices are applied to the processing of all orders. The IT equipment acquisition service coordinates leasing financing with regard to IT equipment. Devices that are financed through leasing must be ordered through the centralized ordering channel.


Acquisition of IT equipment does not involve purchases of non-standard devices for research use, for instance. If you need a non-standard device, see:

Tendering of IT devices


If you have any questions about tendering of IT devices, contact [email protected] If you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

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Tendering of IT devices

Tendering of IT equipment is responsible for competitive bidding of IT devices.

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