Opening a resource mailbox in Mac Mail

You can add a resource mailbox to Mac Mail as a separate account, alongside your personal mailbox.

1. Select Apple Menu (apple symbol) and click System Preferences.

2. Select Internet Accounts and click Add Other Account…

Add Other Account



3. Select Mail account.

Mail account



4. Fill the fields and click Sign In.

Name: Name of the resource box

Email Address: Address of the resource box

Password: The password of your own Aalto account

Add a Mail account



5. In the next window, fill the fields according to the instructions in the picture below.

User Name: aalto\your_Aalto_username\mailbox

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server:

Server addresses



6. Click SIgn In.

7. Click Done.

8. Change the description field to describe the newly added resource box.




9. Close the windows. Now the resource box has been added alongside your personal Aalto email account.

Inbox is visible at the Inbox menu, other folders are located at the bottom.

mailboxes menu
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