Occupational accident

Occupational accident means a sudden, unpredictable event which is caused by an external factor and which takes place at work, in work-related conditions or on the way to work. Aalto University’s employees are insured against occupational accidents, and the insurance company is IF.

Instructions for the event of an occupational accident

  • If the injury requires medical attention, the employee, depending on the type and severity of the injury, seeks appropriate care using the emergency services or the on-call physician’s reception of a health centre or another medical facility. The most important thing is that the injury is treated without unnecessary delays.
  • The Internal Accident Report must be filled within a week of the incident.
  • Report your period of absence in the Workday system.
  • For absences of more than three days you also need a medical certificate. Please send it to: [email protected]
  • Deliver the occupational accident-related invoices to [email protected]

The compensation system for occupational accidents and diseases is based on the Workers’ Compensation Act (Työtapaturma- ja ammattitautilaki 459/2015).

Contact person

Submit an incident report of your observations

Occupational safety concerns us all. By reporting the dangerous situations, close calls, occupational accidents and damages that you notice, you participate in developing the general safety of the working community. Examining observed situations clearly indicates that incidents are addressed at the work place and actions are taken to prevent them. 

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Remote work accident insurance

Instructions for the event of an occupational accident at work when working remotely.


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Occupational safety

On this page you can find more information and instructions on occupational safety, safety and healthy working.

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