Moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced Skype for Business will cease to exist by 31 July 2021. The successor is Microsoft Teams, which besides from the Skype features includes also team workspaces and other features. The technical transition at Aalto from Skype to Teams will be done gradually during 2020. This instruction gives an overview how it is done, and what it means to you.

Microsoft has announced Skype for Business will be shut down in 2021, and Microsoft Teams is the successor for Skype for Business. This move will technically be done so that a user is assigned in Teams Only mode where the user will use Teams as the main chat, meeting, and call application. There are two modes of moving to Teams Only mode.

  1. Opting in for Teams Only mode voluntarily
  2. Being upgraded as a part of bigger batch during 2020.


To help you with the transition we have gathered some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.

How to opt-in for Teams Only mode?

Read the applicability criteria below, and if you're applicable, give your consent for the upgrade with this form. Once you've given your consent, you will be upgraded within the next hour. You won't get any specific notification but you will notice the Teams Only mode e.g. when you open the Skype for Business client.


  • You are already using Teams for your chats, meetings & calls in the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • You only use Skype for Business with your Aalto colleagues.
  • The conditions below do not apply in your case.


DO NOT upgrade if…

  • You have to constantly organize and participate in Skype for Business meetings with external partners who have not yet started using Teams.
  • You are using Skype for Business with external partners who are using consumer version of Skype.
Sign up for Teams Only mode

What happens if I'm Teams only and I get an invite to a Skype for Business meeting?

If you have not uninstalled Skype for Business from your workstation, you can still use the client to join meetings.

Does the message/call come through to me if someone sent/made it through Skype for Business?

Yes. You'll receive the message/call in your Teams client. If it's an Aalto user you're working with, you'll want to use Teams in further communications to get a better call and messaging experience.

Why I can't send files, use emojis or copy-paste images to the conversation with a user using Skype for Business?

It's due to the limitations in the interoperability mode between the two applications. If you want all those features and more, encourage the other person to switch to Teams.

My team / organisation wants to move to Teams Only mode already. Do we have to sign up one by one?

You can request a mass upgrade from IT Service Desk.

I still have Skype for Business on my workstation. Should I uninstall it?

You should not. If you still have to participate in Skype for Business meetings or want to browse your old conversations, you'll need the Skype for Business client to do that.

You'll see a notification encouraging to use Teams when you open Skype for Business, but you can still start the application to do the aforementioned actions.

Where can I get support?

In case of technical issues, reach out to the IT Service Desk:

If you have a general question about the transition, you can send it to the Ask About Teams forum in Teams. Login to the page to see the code to join the forum.

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