Management Team

Aalto University / Aalto students at A Grid / photo: Unto Rautio

The management team of the School of Electrical Engineering include the Dean, Vice Deans, Heads of Departments, the School’s Service Managers and Dean´s Assistant. The management team discusses operative matters and prepares issues for decision making.

  • Jyri Hämäläinen – Dean, chairman
  • Vesa Välimäki – Vice Dean responsible for research
  • Anouar Belahcen – Vice Dean responsible for education
  • Tapio Lokki – Head of Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
  • Riku Jäntti – Head of Department of Communications and Networking
  • Jorma Kyyrä – Head of Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Jussi Ryynänen – Head of Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering
  •  Outi Elina Kansanen – Development Manager
  •  Petri Hyvönen – Technology Manager
  •  Perttu Puska – Head of Student Affairs
  •  Hanne Puskala – Human Resources Manager
  •  Lotta Timonen - Finance Manager
  •  Harriet Jehkonen - Executive Assistant, meeting´s secretary

The School of Electrical Engineering Extended Management Team consists of the Management Team and

  •     Joni Tammi – Director of the Metsähovi Radio Observatory
  •     Annamari Tolonen – Senior Communications Specialist
  •     Dmitri Chicherin – Senior Research Liaison Officer
  •     Seppo Saastamoinen – Specialist, Corporate and Alumni Relations
  •     Toni Ojala – student member


Management Team meetings 2021:

Mon 18.1. - ELEC Operative Management Team
Mon 8.2. - ELEC Extended Management Team (Annual Review, meeting will be held at 09:00-10:30)
Mon 15.2. - ELEC Extended Management Team
Mon 15.3. - ELEC Operative Management Team
Mon 19.4. - ELEC Operative Management Team
Mon 17.5. - ELEC Operative Management Team
Mon 14.6. - ELEC Extended Management Team

Meetings will be held at 09:00-12:00 (Teams meeting).



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