LTL - DCA UHV e-beam evaporator system

DCA UHV e-beam evaporator system
DCA UHV e-beam evaporator system

General Information

  • Available Crucibles: Chromium, Titanium, Aluminium, Vanadium, Gold
  • Typical base pressure: < 2 * 10 − 10 mbar
  • Typical operation pressure: < 5 * 10 − 8 mbar
  • Disallowed materials: organics, magnetic materials, high vapour pressure metals
  • Options: Sample oxidation, ion-beam milling

Contact Persons: Marco Will, Mikael Kervinen

Location: Nanotalo Clean Room


Cup Material
1 Cr
2 Ti
3 Al
4 Al
5 Au


This manual is not a replacement for training. Only trained users are allowed to use the evaporator. You must seek training from the current responsible user(s).


Here is a list of tips and tricks when using the evaporator;

  • Ramp the emission current slowly, you can use lower currents and will get a better evaporation that ends sooner
  • When the turbo is spooling down you can use the needle valve to let a small (maximum 1 * 10 − 1 mbar) amount of nitrogen into the load-lock in order to decrease the time it takes. Do this slowly as the turbo may be damaged if you add too much gas too quickly
  • Make sure your sample is the right way up in the sample holder
  • If you wish to get the lowest absolute pressure in the load-lock (e.g. for oxidation) then pump and bake the chamber overnight. If you do this ensure your sample is in the main chamber as the high temperature of the load-lock will destroy any sample with resist on.
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