Lift-ups visualise content, learn how to create research group page

Here, you'll find a short description of and a link to the different lift-up components available to you at With them, you can visualise and highlight the versatile content on the site. Also, learn how to create a research group page. Go and be creative!
Screenshot of Manual liftup component with Medium display mode, Drupal guidelines

Manual liftups

The component offers you three display modes: small, medium, and accordion. Why not try them out!

Screenshot of the article lift-up component example showing four images side-by-side with lead text.

Automatic liftups: news, events & articles

This component helps you create newsfeeds and list upcoming events.

Screenshot of Single liftup component showing air view of campus at night.

Single liftup

Single liftup is a great way to highlight an important source of information. See, how!

Screenshot of People liftup component - showing contact details for five people in two columns

People liftups

Use this component when you want to show contact details for a department, service unit, or members in a project, for example.

Learning Environments Research Group, a few cardboard rectangles with different-colour circles and squares glued on them.

Research group: how to create?

Instructions on how to create a new research group page and add research output.

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