Lifewide Learning Certificate Template

Instructions for using the lifewide learning certificate template to ensure a consistent experience and visual look across courses and programmes.

Courses and programmes aimed at lifewide learners are produced by many different units and departments across Aalto University. Ensuring a consistent experience and visual look across the certificates of these programs is important for the Aalto brand and the credibility of the certificates we hand out. 

The lifewide learning certificate template has been designed by the Aalto University Communications team. The template follows Aalto University’s visual guidelines and is not confusable with study transcripts or degree diplomas. 

What is a certificate of completion?  

The certificate of completion is a document that can be used to confirm that a student has completed a course in Aalto’s lifewide learning portfolio. The certificate does not replace a study transcript, and it can also be given to students who do not have a study right at Aalto University. 

Students can share their course certificate in the Certifications section of their LinkedIn profile, portfolios, CVs or other documents. The certificate of completion includes fewer personal data than a study transcript for safer sharing across different platforms.  

What is the format of the certificate template? Where can we use it?

The certificate template is available as an InDesign file in Finnish and English versions. The template can be customised for each course by editing details like the name and dates of the course, student name, etc. Please see closer instructions about modifying the certificate below.

Depending on each course or programme's learning platform and resources, the certificate of completion can be generated for each student in InDesign, SmartCertificate, Learndash or other similar services. In some of these services, adding a QR code or other verification elements to the certificate is possible, and the design accommodates these. 

What information is included in the certificate? Are there restrictions for editing the document? 

The certificate template includes the following editable components: 

  • Student’s name 
  • Course details (name of the course, dates of the course, ECTS equivalence or average hours to complete the course) 
  • Teacher’s name and details 
  • A signature line for the teacher’s signature
  • A place a QR code or other form of verification

Other elements of the certificate should not be edited. This includes adding, removing or editing logos or other graphic elements and changing the document's fonts. 

Who can digitally sign the certificate? 

The responsible teacher of the course can digitally sign the certificate. However, the signature is optional and can be removed from the certificate if it is not needed.

How is ECTS equivalence marked? 

The purpose of the LWL certificate should not be confused with the official transcript of records. For this reason, the ECTS equivalence should be marked as “equivalent to X ECTS credits”.

How do I get the certificate for my course? 

To ensure that the certificate is used for the proper purposes, the template is currently not freely downloadable by members of the Aalto community (incl. students). Please contact us at [email protected] to get the template file. 

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