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With good leadership and management, you can achieve results, which are more significant than if you and your team members were working alone. The leadership areas we have defined describe what kind of functions your management tasks include and how you can support your team’s operations.
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Leadership training in Workday Learning

You will find leadership trainings in Workday Learning -application

To help you succeed as a supervisor, we have gathered information on what is expected of you as a supervisor, how to act in different situations and what tools can you use under the category Management – support and team development. You can have a quick look of supervisor work with elearning. Several trainings that support your development as a manager are available as well.

New Leaders' Onboarding Journey

Start your journey with online onboarding

eLearning provides you with an idea of the supervisor’s role, responsibilities and the areas of leadership. Find the eLearning in MyCourse environment.

Next participate in four leadership trainings

You can complete the four training session in any order you wish.

Exploit 360 assessment and feedback to support your development

You can get more information about 360 assessment and feedback through this link.

Support from your HR is at your service

Remember that your unit’s HR will assist you in your supervisor work. Discuss the possible questions you have at this point considering, for example, recruitment, onboarding, well-being, salaries and leave of absences or the development of the team’s operations with your HR.

Strengthen leadership skills

Personal leadership solutions

Team development

Team development

Supervisors are responsible for their team's operations, and ensuring that the unit’s short-term and long-term objectives and the required resources and know-how are in balance.

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Leadership programs and forums

Check the detailed descriptions of the programs and forums from here

Aalto Academic Leader Programme

Aalto Academic Leader Programme brings together a group of Aalto professors to discuss and gain new ideas from each other as well as from Aalto management team members and experts on different aspects of leadership.

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Aalto Strategic Leaders’ Journey

Aalto Strategic Leaders’ Journey is a program for Head of Departments and Vice Deans and Leaders in Service units. Participation by nomination.

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Aalto Leaders’ Dialogue

Aalto Leaders’ Dialogue is a forum for a university-wide discussion on issues relevant to the strategy preparation and implementation, leadership culture and management system of Aalto university. ALD is a forum to share information, best practices, and get feedback from Aalto academic departments.

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Professors’ Summit

Professors’ Summit is a biannual event organized by the president of the university. As one day event summit provides a floor for discussing topical university wide challenges and strengthening the community of Aalto professors.

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Service Leader Seminar

Service Leader Seminar is a form of regular meetings of service directors and service managers of Aalto schools and joint units.

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