IT End User Support

IT Service Desk provides help with questions concerning IT services, and gives end users instructions on how to use the services. Help is provided online via the service portal, and in the physical world at all the campuses of Aalto University.


All service requests are recorded in a case management system and their progress is monitored. Case management helps us to understand the diverse support needs of customers and to handle their requests in a systematic way. Cases include disruptions, service requests, feedback and suggestions for development. The person who has made a request is kept up-to-date regarding the progress, via email.

IT Servicedesk also handles and forwards comments, feedback and suggestions for development submitted by customers. IT Servicedesk provides customers with local support at all three of Aalto University’s main campuses. The principle of the Servicedesk is to offer customers the same services equally on each campus, but taking into account that each school has its own particular features and requirements.

The customer interface is run according to the single point of contact principle. The contact channels include:

  • an online service portal (
  • personal user support at customer service points
  • telephone service

In the case of a critical error that prevents one or more people from carrying out their work, we recommend that you contact the IT Servicedesk by phone or by visiting a customer service point in person. The service portal is better suited for non-urgent contacts.

The customer is notified of the resolution and any possible delays in the handling of the case. Upon resolution of the case, the customer has the opportunity to give immediate feedback concerning the handling of the case. The IT Service Desk receives notifications of any disruptions to IT services from customers and its monitoring systems and then reports the detected problems immediately to the relevant person or department. The IT Service Desk itself is responsible for ensuring that end users are notified of any problems and the progress of their resolution.


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:


The service is offered to students and staff members at the university. Visitors to the university can use the service to a limited extent.

Service requests will be handled only during the Servicedesk office hours:

Check contact information and service hours

Guidance on applications or devices is offered to the extent possible. The customer is responsible for acquiring the necessary training.

This service is provided by:

IT Services

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