Information security policies

The information security team participates in the production and development of information security guidelines and policies, as either an owner or an expert. Information security policies mean rules, instructions and other similar documents concerning IT and information security at Aalto University.

All IT policies and guidelines

IT policies and guidelines

IT policies and guidelines, non disclosure agreement (NDA, non-disclosure agreement, confidential disclosure agreement, CA CDA), cloud service guidelines, printing policy, email policies etc. here.


The information security policies enable everyone to have shared and clear rules pertaining to security

The Chief Information Security Officer owns some of the policies, and the information security team is responsible for producing, maintaining and developing these. The information security team contributes to the work on other policies as an expert.

A key part of the production and development of these policies comprises preparing Finnish legislation on information security and IT, other regulations and guidelines binding on the University, and good practices into a clear form for all members of the Aalto community.

The information security team supplements and develops the package of policies concerning information security on the basis of customer feedback, amendments to various provisions and needs brought forward by practical needs, and assists with putting policies owned by the Chief Information Security Officer into practice.


Information security team’s contact details: [email protected] If you have any questions about phone services, contact [email protected] If you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:

Some of the information security policies are only visible in Aalto Inside, which requires a log-in with an Aalto ID.

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