Hosting services for meetings

Aalto University IT Services (ITS) offers AV training and support before meetings as well as technical hosting during meetings.

If the pre-meeting training is not enough, you can order the technical hosting support as a paid service. The service will take care of the technical details during the event, including at evening events.

The price of the service is €100/hour and the minimum order is 2 hours.

Orders should be placed no later than three (3) weeks before the event.

Send your order at

 ( > IT Services > Order Hosting services for meeting)

Please include the following information with the order

  • The date and time the service will be needed. (It is recommended to order the service starting at least one hour before the event starts.)
  • The event location (street address and room number).
  • How many hours the service will be needed.
  • Describe in detail what kind of services are needed (give the event producer’s contact information; the event programme; what will happen during the event and where; how many microphones are needed; and any other information provided to the participants in the event).
  • Billing information (cost centre code; project number, if any; name of contact person for billing purposes).

Technical hosting at meetings includes the following

The IT service provider goes through the customer’s needs for special technical support and the equipment available. The provider also checks to make sure the equipment is in good operating condition for the event.

The customer and IT provider agree on how many specialists are needed to ensure that the equipment and devices will function during the event and on what time the specialists will be sent over to perform the check. The provider is responsible for resolving any technical problems during the event and for providing user support and assistance during the event as needed.

The provider is also responsible for having sufficient back-up equipment and devices on hand, so that the event may continue even if there is a malfunction with the main equipment.

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