Event venue Aalto Valimo

A tailored dinner after a day of meetings or an unforgettable celebration in the heart of Otaniemi. Get to know Aalto Valimo.

Aalto Valimo is a well-lit and beautiful restaurant facility for different types of events. At Valimo you can arrange a dinner after a conference, a Christmas party, a personnel get-together, a post-doctoral party, or other evening event.

Valimo is best suited for events for 50–100 guests, with a maximum capacity for 150 people.

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Catering services

We offer menus suitable for the event, with traditional Nordic delicacies and tastes from around the world. Catering services are provided by Sodexo Oy. Valimo does not have an alcohol licence, and the customers may bring their own alcoholic beverages.

Prices and reservations

Weekdays 18.00–22.00 the rental fee is 800€.
Weekdays 18.00–02.00 the rental fee is 1120€.
VAT 24 % is added to the prices.
For events on Saturdays and Sundays we will make a separate offer.

The space is furnished with tables for four and eight people. Minor alterations in the furnishings are included in the rental price. Larger alterations in the furnishings incur a separate fee.

Valimo has a sound system for speech, including a wired hand-held microphone and a wireless clip-on microphone.

On weekdays Valimo functions as a lunch restaurant. Preparations for an evening reservation can start after 15.00.

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Address: Metallimiehenkuja 2, Otaniemi.
Valimo is located immediately adjacent to bus stops and the Metro station on the corner of Otaniementie and Vuorimiehentie.

Metallimiehenkuja 2


Get to know the building
Aalto University flags. Photo: Aino Huovio

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