Establishment and discontinuation of study modules

How study modules are established and discontinued as part of strategic planning.

Notice that these guidelines concern the curriculum design for 2020-2022, and guidelines for the curricula 2022–2024 are published at Programme director's handbook.

Establishing new study modules

Proposals for the establishment of new study modules (such as an area of specialisation or a minor) as part of a degree programme are put forward by the degree programme, or by the department or unit responsible for the programme, in connection with strategic planning. Proposals for the establishment of new minors or minor study modules are made by the degree programme or unit or department responsible for the programme.

A new study module may begin only at the start of the two-year curriculum period; however, this does not apply to new modules for new degree programmes.

The name of the module should be chosen with care at the time of the establishment, as changing the name later requires a new process of establishment to be undergone.

Discontinuing study modules

Discontinuing a study module is made at a proposal of the degree programme or department or unit responsible for the module. The discontinuation must be justified. Discontinuations become effective only with the entry into force of the next curriculum.

Students may not choose to complete a module that has been discontinued. The discontinuation of modules must take into account students in whose personal plan of studies (HOPS) the module was confirmed earlier and see that they have an opportunity to complete it within the approved time of studies remaining to them.

Curriculum Design at Aalto University – Strategy and Policies

Curriculum design follows the Aalto University strategy as well as the strategic action plans of the Aalto schools. Here you can find more information about the strategy, policies and practical guidelines.

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Guidelines for curricula 2022–2024 are published at Programme director's handbook

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