Enterprise architecture services in Aalto

Are you designing or acquiring a digital solution, developing processes, or making a roadmap for a service? Our architects are here to help you!
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Enterprise architecture (EA) seeks to describe and support the university in achieving the goals set in the strategy.The enterprise architecture at Aalto means connecting of operations, processes, data flows and systems. This manifests especially in the IT architecture, which ensures the interoperability of different systems and services now and in the future.

The enterprise architecture covers e.g. the following areas:

  • Current status, opportunities and preconditions for the development of operations, services and processes
  • Defining the target architecture
  • Needs for change related to people, processes and technologies
  • Managing change together with stakeholders
  • Working together on change, solving challenges and bringing insight
  • Refining ideas and development proposals

How can we help you?

A comprehensive architectural review is needed, especially in the development of Aalto University's IT infrastructure, services and processes, and in related projects. Our IT architects help you design and procure digital services. Feel free to contact us and we will find the most suitable solution for you.

Examples of customer needs:

  1. Digitalisation planning
  2. Ideation of services
  3. Procurement of services and specification of requirements
  4. Service development
  5. Support and consultation for planning

Contact us: it-architecture(at)

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