ELEC Dean´s Service Development team meetings

The School of Electrical Engineering's Service Development team meetings.
Aalto University / Students at Aalto University / photo: Unto Rautio

Participants of ELEC Dean´s Service Development team meetings:

  •     Jyri Hämäläinen – Dean, Chair
  •     Anouar Belahcen – Vice Dean, education
  •     Vesa Välimäki – Vice Dean, research
  •     Outi Elina Kansanen – Development Manager
  •     Petri Hyvönen – Technology Manager
  •     Perttu Puska – Head of Student Services
  •     Hanne Puskala – HR Manager
  •     Lotta Timonen – Finance Manager
  •     Anita Bisi - Internal Relations Manager
  •     Dmitri Chicherin – Senior Research Liaison Officer
  •     Seppo Saastamoinen – Alumni and Corporate Relations Manager
  •     Niina Norjamäki – Senior Communications Specialist
  •     Harriet Jehkonen – Executive Assistant, meeting secretary
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