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The purpose and aim of the Educational Board at the School of Electrical Engineering is to improve the quality of teaching, promote the management and development of teaching at various levels of the school’s activities as well as to promote cooperation with various actors and stakeholders. Its purpose is also to further develop learning-centred culture and teaching methods at the School of Electrical Engineering in line with Aalto’s strategy.

The Educational Board is tasked with the preparation and planning matters related to the school’s teaching and its development for degree programme committees and the academic affairs committee, as well as with supporting the dean in the management of the school’s activities. The educational Board implements decisions that concern teaching and students, which have been made by multi-member bodies that use public power.

Where necessary, the Educational Board invites experts to its meetings.

The dean has the right to attend and to speak at all meetings of the Educational Board.

The board members during the 2017–2018 academic year include

  •     Vice Dean, Prof. Keijo Nikoskinen
  •     Prof. Anouar Belahcen
  •     Prof. Riku Jäntti
  •     Prof. Tomi Laurila
  •     Prof. Matti Lehtonen
  •     Prof. Esa Ollila
  •     Prof. Ville Viikari
  •     Senior University Lecturer Kai Zenger
  •     Dean, Prof. Jyri Hämäläinen
  •     Head of Student Services Perttu Puska
  •     Manager of International Relations Anita Bisi
  •     Development Manager NN

Professor Keijo Nikoskinen is chairman of the Educational Board and Head of Student Services Perttu Puska is the board’s secretary.

The Educational Board has its own closed wiki work environment.

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