Editorial board

Editorial board decides on Aalto ARTS Books' publishing activities. We are always interested in new book ideas! We publish books on art, design and architecture.
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Editorial board

The editorial board is responsible for making publishing decisions and for setting the general policies on Aalto ARTS Books publishing. The board ensures that publishing activities are implemented in alignment with the strategic aims of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto ARTS). The board is led by the Aalto ARTS vice dean in charge of research. Aalto ARTS Books is in charge of productions.

Aalto ARTS Books produces only books that have been approved by the editorial board. Authors may apply to the editorial board for a decision on publishing. The board meets five times a year.

The main criteria in deciding to publish a work are

  • its topicality and the interest in the topic from an educational and research perspective
  • the quality of the manuscript as well as innovative value and the presence of similar books on the market
  • realistic funding plan.

Biographies, memoires, collected speeches, exhibition catalogues and conference publications are not part of the publishing programme. 

The editorial board also makes publishing decisions on dissertations for publication by Aalto ARTS Books. 

Members of the board:

  • Turkka Keinonen (chair), vice dean (research)
  • Rasmus Vuori, vice dean (education)
  • Saija Hollmén, vice dean (art and creative practices)
  • Sari Antila, development manager
  • Mika Pantzar, professor, University of Helsinki
  • Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, professor, University of the Arts
  • Annu Ahonen, managing editor
  • Sanna Tyyri (secretary), publishing editor

The committee may request statements and invite outside experts to meetings, when necessary, according to the topics of book proposals.

How to apply for processing by the editorial board?

  1. Complete the book proposal form. You can find the attachment at the bottom of this page when you are a signed user.
  2. Put together a sample of your manuscript (text and images, max 20 pages) in PDF format (max. file size 20 Mb). Include in the sample the table of contents, followed by sample pages from one or two chapters from the manuscript. Please choose pages where images play an important role. No special layout is needed.
  3. Submit all the materials (book proposal form and sample) in one message to [email protected]. Send the material no later than nine (9) weekdays before the meeting.

Editorial boards meetings are held during 2022–23

  • 26.1.2022 – deadline for application 13.1.2022 4 pm
  • 23.3.2022 – deadline for application 10.3.2022 4 pm
  • ​​​​​​18.5.2022 – deadline for application 5.5.2022 4 pm
  • 14.9.2022 – deadline for application 1.9.2022 4 pm
  • 23.11.2022 – deadline for application 10.11.2022 4 pm
  • 25.1.2023 – deadline for application 12.1.2023 4 pm
  • 22.3.2023 – deadline for application 9.3.2023 4 pm
  • 17.5.2023 – deadline for application 4.5.2023 4 pm
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