Doctoral Programme Committee

Aalto University / Aalto students at A Grid / photo: Unto Rautio

The duties of the Doctoral Programme Committee are to:

  1. prepare the selection of the Doctoral Programme applicants for the Dean’s decision;
  2. approve the topic and decide on the language of postgraduate theses;
  3. confirm the study plans of the Doctoral Programme applicants;
  4. appoint preliminary examiners for doctoral dissertations and decide on the permission to publish dissertation manuscripts;
  5. grade dissertations;
  6. appoint the examiners for licentiate theses;
  7. grade licentiate theses; and
  8. discuss other matters appointed by the Dean or stated in degree regulations.

The chair of the Doctoral Programme Committee decides the date of the defence of dissertations and their language and appoints Custos and opponent(s) for the defence of dissertations.

Doctoral Programme Committee members (2017–2019)


Substitute member

2. substitute member

prof. Ari Sihvola (chair)



prof. Antero Arkkio

prof. Arto Visala

prof. Matti Lehtonen

prof. Harri Lipsanen

prof. Ilkka Tittonen

prof. Sergei Tretiakov

prof. Vesa Välimäki

prof. Erkki Ikonen

prof. Risto Wichman

prof. Tarik Taleb

prof. Heikki Hämmäinen

prof. Antti Oulasvirta

Applications with appendices shall be delivered to the presenting official, Planning Officer Kati Voutilainen, secretary Anne-Mari Karro or Coordinator Marja Leppäharju.

This service is provided by:

School of Electrical Engineering

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