Development processes of the tenure track system

This page describes the basic principles for developing the Aalto tenure track system. The site is aimed at all the Aalto community members who are interested on how the quality of the tenure track system is monitored and how the tenure track processes are being developed.
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Development of the tenure track career system is part of the Aalto University quality system.


Annual clock for tenure track development

The annual clock for tenure track development is linked to the  Aalto University annual clock. The development work is based on annual reviews and the view of Management on the required development measures. The view of the Academic Careers Working Group has an important role in the making of decisions on development actions.

Development of the academic career systems is prepared and implemented by the Provost and the Chief Human Resources Officer. The President of the University decides on the development measures to be taken. When implementing development measures, the various parties are consulted and feedback is actively collected. The deans make decisions on matters involving the tenure track career system that are specific to the individual schools.

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Feedback is systematically collected in many different ways. For example:

  • Statistical information collected annually
  • Development workshops
  • Regular meetings with the Academic Careers Working Group
  • Interviews and discussions with the key tenure track actors
  • Feedback from applicants and those advancing on their career paths
  • Feedback from other stakeholders of key importance for the career system


Statistical information and feedback are used to align the implementation of the tenure track system in the Aalto University schools. Feedback is gathered not only from the internal actors of the university, but also from other Aalto stakeholders, such as the scientific advisory boards in the individual schools. Information is collected to make it possible to compare the Aalto tenure track career system with national and international practices. Different actors are brought into the development processes through seminars, visits, and workshops.

Information on the development processes of the career system is communicated in accordance with roles and responsibilities so that all actors are aware of the direction and measures of development. If necessary, seminars and workshops will be arranged for passing on information - for example by holding HR workshops to ensure the spread of best practices.


Tenure track development: "Plan - Do - Check - Act"

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