Curriculum Design at Aalto University – Strategy and Policies

Curriculum design shall follow the Aalto University strategy, the strategic action plans of the Aalto schools and the university’s curriculum policies.
Aalto-yliopisto, kuva Unto Rautio

Notice that these guidelines concern the curriculum design for 2020-2022, and guidelines for the curricula 2022–2024 are published at Programme director's handbook.

A successful curriculum inspires students to learn and supports them in understanding and solving societal problems. Curriculum design work has a tangible effect on the competency that students bring to working life after graduating from Aalto. Alignment of learning outcomes, teaching implementation, and learning assessment plays a key role in drawing up and implementing competence-based curriculums.

Pedagogical design plays a key role in successful curriculum design. Degree programmes are evaluated and developed systematically based on data and feedback. Careful planning of workload supports student well-being.

Guidelines for curricula 2022–2024 are published at Programme director's handbook

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