Communications services and contact information

Are you organising an event or a project that the Aalto community should know about? Do you want to communicate about your research? Or are you looking for the university's logo, Aalto-related photos or videos? Communications Services is here to help!

Involve us early on in your project planning and you will benefit from the tools and actions in the best possible way. We produce materials to help you in your daily work, and we help make your activities visible through focused and timely means of communications.

Below you can access Aalto University's Brand Library where you can download Aalto University's emblem in a format corresponding to your needs, as well as guidelines for using Aalto's visual identity in your materials. For questions concerning our visual identity, please send a message to [email protected]

Materials for your use

White 3D logo with an exclamation mark resting against the end of a white bench next to a foot path by the sea. Photo by Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

Brand Library

The university Brand Library provides guidelines and assets for using Aalto University’s visual identity in your own documents and materials.

Round picture with illustration of several people interacting

Events Library

Events Library compiles all information you need for creating an event.

Aalto University Magazine issue 24 in racks. Photo: Anni Kääriä.

Aalto University Magazine

Read our stakeholder magazine online.

Aalto University
Aalto-yliopisto / Unto Rautio

Campus maps, addresses and opening hours in Otaniemi

Here you will also find restaurants, the Aalto Space mobile app, access control - all practical information on one page! You can also visit the campus virtually.

Kuvituskuva näppäimistöstä. Kuvittaja: Ida-Maria Wikström.

General writing guidelines for articles in English

How to write and edit English-language press releases and news.


Guide: how to write better digital content?

With Aalto University Editor's Guide, you can create interesting web content, while keeping your main target group(s) in mind.


Contact information

Aalto University Communications is happy to help and consult on all communications-related questions – you will reach us via [email protected]

Content and media

The Content and media team is responsible for external communications e.g. communicating about Aalto's research and our key strategic areas. We carry out media work both in Finland and abroad. We also manage Aalto's social media channels and the university's stakeholder magazine.

Minna Hölttä

Minna Hölttä

Viestinnän erityisasiantuntija

Sedeer el-Showk

Writer/editor, international communications
Tiina Toivola

Tiina Toivola

Communications Manager, Radical Creativity
Paula Haikarainen

Paula Haikarainen

U908 Communications Services
Eevi Laine

Eevi Laine

Social Media Producer

Kirsi Kurki-Miettinen

Viestinnän erityisasiantuntija, sosiaalinen media

University communications

The university communications team is responsible for communicating the university's common affairs. Our area of responsibility includes e.g. strategy communication, communication support for the management, change communication support,  communication of sustainable development and entrepreneurial thinking, campus communication, internal communication, communication in exceptional situations and annual reporting.

Anitta Pirnes

Anitta Pirnes

Interim Team Leader, University Communications

Helena Järnefelt

Senior Digital Communications Specialist

Katja Rönkkö

Senior Communications Specialist
U908 Communications Services
Noora Stapleton

Noora Stapleton

Senior Communications Specialist
U908 Communications Services

Meeri Saltevo

Communications Trainee

Digital experience and analytics

We provide guidance and support to the editors of the website. Our team strives to constantly improve and develop both the website and the digital experience of the university as a whole. We also offer support in web analytics and media monitoring to our editors and personnel who work in communications. You can find us on our Teams channel.

Hans Broman

Senior Specialist, Communications and Marketing Analytics


We aim to create awareness and increase interest towards Aalto and especially its educational portfolio through creating meaningful content and delivering it in owned, paid, earned and shared channels. Our work ranges from planning and resourcing to concept and content creation, execution, optimisation, measurement, analysis and development. In addition to this, we are happy to consult and share our materials, tools and templates to help you reach your existing and / or potential customers.

Liisa Leppävuori

Marketing Coordinator

Etel Niemelä

Marketing Coordinator

Hanne Kettunen

Senior Marketing Specialist

Anna Halsas

Marketing Coordinator
Helena Vannas

Helena Vannas

Marketing and Communications Manager, Lifewide learning
Maiju Torkkeli

Maiju Torkkeli

Asiantuntija, FITech-verkostoyliopiston viestintä ja markkinointi
Ilona Koria

Ilona Koria

Marketing Coordinator

Strategic events

The Strategic Events team makes Aalto University visible and tangible for stakeholders both outside and within our community by producing the university management’s events and Aalto’s joint academic events. The team is happy to share their knowledge, experience, and tools to enhance the impact of various events and meetings across the university community.

Jessica Sinikoski

Viestintäpäällikkö, Strategiset tapahtumat

Minna Pajari

Tuottaja, Tapahtumat

Tarja Peltoniemi

Tuottaja, tapahtumat
Tatu Pohjola

Tatu Pohjola

U908 Communications Services

Anze Bratus

Coordinator, Events & Digitalisation

Brand and Creative

The Brand and Creative team are responsible for developing Aalto University’s brand strategy, including brand foundational elements such as brand architecture, brand differentiators, visual identity and guidelines.

The team works on creative concepting for branded activities, events and communications, as well as production: e.g. campaign assets, graphic design, illustrations, animations, film, photography.

The development of the Aalto University Shop as a branded touchpoint is also the Brand team’s responsibility.

The team provides consultation and guidance to the Aalto community on the development and usage of branded materials.

Brand & Creative

Eivor Marika Biese

Head of Brand and Creative

Heli Laukko

Creative Producer

Marianne Lenoir

Graphic Designer
U908 Communications Services