Changing a password

Passwords for Aalto’s usernames can be changed independently with Aalto Workstation and self-service portal.

How to change Aalto password?


  • You can change the password only once in 24 hours.
  • The password must be created according to Aalto’s guidelines: Password guidelines


If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems, please send a service request here:


If you cannot log in with your Aalto ID, you must use the self-service portal or visit the customer service desk. The self-service portal requires identification by means of the service with an online banking ID or with an electronic ID card issued by the Finnish police. If you do not own a Finnish online banking ID or an electronic ID card, you must activate the ID with your own identification. A passport, a Finnish ID card or a Finnish driving licence is accepted as official identification.

The use of the Aalto University self-service password change service is limited by the Aalto University terms of use, which must be accepted by users. In addition to the terms of use, users of the service must also observe the official policies and guidelines for Aalto University’s IT services.

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Resetting the password, and a forgotten password

Your password requires resetting if you have not changed your password by the deadline. The password is valid for 730 days, after which it must be changed or your user ID will be automatically locked.

How to change the password

A password for Aalto University must be changed at 730-day intervals, and it can be changed by using an Aalto computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) or at

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IT Services

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