Body Care livestream class for Aalto's personnel on Thursdays

Participate in livestream Body Care classes with colleagues on Thursdays during spring!
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The Body Care class helps you to recover from periods of high exertion, increase your mobility and flexibility and improve your body control. The class consists of different mobility exercises, such as dynamic and static stretches, and involves activating the core muscles


Thursdays during 4.3. – 27.5.2021 at 14.30 –  15.15 (exceptions: Thu 1.4 and Thu 13.5.(helatorstai) no classes).After Easter 8.4.-27.5. the time is on Thursdays at 15.40 – 16.25.


Zoom (Aalto University, Body Care, Minna Määttä): 


Minna Määttä, Unisport


Finnish (the language can be both Finnish and English if there are non-Finnish participants)



Unisportin maksuttomat taukoliikuntastriimit

Unisport tarjoaa Huolettomat hartiat –taukoliikuntastriimit kaikille 3 kertaa viikossa maanantaista 22.2. alkaen

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