Bio2 - Rheology

ACAV A2 viscometer is an advanced analytical technique for ultra-high shear paper coating optimization.

Brookfield viscometer (The Brookfield Programmable DV-II+): The viscometer measures fluid viscosity at given shear rates. Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow.

Adamel Lhomargy Laray-viscometer is a falling rod with electrical control. The viscometer is especially for viscous printing inks.

Kneader reactor is a special machine which specializes in mixing and kneading high viscosity materials.

Bio2 / Rheology

The Paar Physica rotational MCR300 is a stress rheometer, which allows running stress and strain controlled experiments.

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER is an extensional rheometer that enables quantify extensional properties of semi-solids and fluids.

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