Bio2 - Paper finishing

Bio2 / Paper finishing

Finishing of paper and paper board there is a  laboratory calendar, EP-210, which has working width 60-210 mm, speed 15-40 m/min, nip pressure 3-300 kN/m and it can be used with samples having basic weight 40-500 g/m2. Both soft and iron rolls are available.

Bio2 / Paper finishing

The laboratory coating machine (CLC-6000, SimuTech. Int. Inc.) can coat at speeds up to 1905 m/min. The CLC-6000 has a puddle-type blade coating head, spray coating option and infrared drying. The width of coated sample is 140 mm for all speeds.

There are also Rod coaters (K bar series) at the department.

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Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

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