Bio2 - Fibre spinning

Bio2 / Fibre spinning

Spinning machine: The refinement of fibers can be done by a dry-jet wet Spinning machine. The spinning machine was installed to produce fibers and films from cellulose dissolved in direct (i.e. non-derivatizing) solvents such as ionic liquids.

Bio2 / Fibre spinning

It comprises a piston spinning unit, coagulation bath, washing zone, drying channel, several godets to drive the filament, and a take-up winder. Both mono- and multifilament spinning can be studied. Thus an interface between academic fundamental research and industrial application is provided.

Vertical kneader: The vertical kneader system can generate high shear forces, which are necessary for the efficient preparation of lignocellulose-IL (ionic liquid) solutions. The dissolution state can be monitored by means of a torque measurement device.

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