Bio2 - Downstream processes

Membrane filtration (The Alfa Laval LabStak M20): A crossflow membrane filtration unit in which a number of Alfa Laval membrane filter sheets and support- and spacer plates is stacked and compressed in a vertical frame. The plates are circular and have a design characterised by establishing a series connection of the membrane sheets contained in the membrane/plate stack.

Pulp screening (Mänttä): A flat screen is used to screen small amounts of pulp.

Nanocellulose: Masuko grinder is an ultra-fine friction grinder for special grindings. Our ultra-fine friction grinding machine, Masuko Supermasscolloider model MKZA 10-15, is equipped with special grinders, which produce fine and round-shape particles of products.

Bio2 / Jauhimet

Fluidizer: Microfluidics’ M-110P Microfluidizer equipment is designed for the high-performance micro-mixing of emulsions and dispersions in a variety of industries. The M-110P model is specifically designed to suit industrial department environments.

Stock preparation: Department hasgrinding, refining and beating equipment, Valley beatersPFI millLampén mill and Voith LR40 refiner. The laboratory refiner LR40 is a table-type test rig, consisting of a refiner with main drive and actuator, a pulper with incorporated buffer tank, a Mohno pump and a sampling device as well as an operating panel and a control cabinet.

Fractionation can be done by a Bauer McNett equipment.

Flotation Deinking: The Trial laboratory flotation cell Voith Delta25 can be used for primary and secondary deinking flotation as well as filtrate flotation.

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