Bio2 - Autoclaves

10 liter digester: In the 10 liter digester,there is a possibility to either circulate liquid or alternatively to mix the sample. With oil heating the digester is capable to perform up to 250 °C and 60 bars of pressure.

Bio2 / Autoclaves

Air bath digester: In the air bath digester there are 6 individual digesters with volume of 2.5 liters each. Digester is capable of cooks up to 180 °C. With this digester it is also possible to perform oxygen delignification stages.

Bio2 / Autoclaves

Oil bath digester: Rotating oil bath autoclave digesters (8x0.2 L autoclaves) can be used when studying very small amounts of chips or model substances.

Berty reactor is an internal recycle reactor which is designed for catalytic reactions where critical parameters such as mass flow, pressure and temperature through the catalyst bed must be accurately known.

Shrinking bed reactor: The shrinking-bed reactor is a small-scale (190 mL) percolation-type reactor used for pressurized hot water extractions of wood biomass. The maximum operational conditions are 300 °C and 130 bars. The reaction chamber contains a piston that moves downwards and compresses the woody biomass along with its degradation and dissolution. This allows for a constant packing density within the reactor chamber, as well as for a reduction of the liquid retention time at a given flow-rate.

The reactor system is composed of a water storage tank, a high-pressure pump, an electrical pre-heater, the reactor chamber with a heating jacket, a nitrogen pressure system, a heat-exchanger, a back-pressure regulator and a sampling port. The process is automatized, and data regarding temperature, pressure, flow rate, displacement of the piston, and process time are recorded into a computer for further analysis.

Büchi stirred laboratory autoclave (bep 280).Büchi autoclave is designed for small-scale chemical and physical or pilot experiments at high pressures (max. 6 bar) and temperatures (max. 473 K). This autoclave consists of a 1.6 dm3 glass vessel equipped with a bmd 300 magnetic drive (max. 2400 rpm). Pressflow gas controller (büchi bpc 9901) is also connected with the system.

Bio2 / Autoclaves

Microwave reactor: Monowave 300 is a high performance microwave reactor specially designed for small scale microwave synthesis applications (for less than 20 ml reaction mixtures). Monowave 300 has 850 W unpulsed microwave output power, high field density, and simultaneous temperature measurement with IR and fiberoptic sensor, high temperature/pressure conditions and utmost temperature homogeneity.

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